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Warren County Department of Land Preservation Group Programs for Schools, Home Schoolers and Scouts

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Hemlock tree branch.SEASONAL INTERPRETATIVE HIKE: All ages; 1-2 hrs

When is a good time of year to go on a hike? All year round! See tracks in the snow, Spring wildflowers, Summer insects or the colors of Fall on your favorite hike.

Grasshopper on a leaf.STORY AND SEARCH FOR LITTLE ONES: Pre-school to 1st Grade, 45 min – 1 hr

This program will begin with a short story and then an opportunity to see if we can find the plants or animals referenced in the book.

Red-eyed Vireo bird. BUDDING BIRDERS: 1st through 5th Grade, 1-1.5 hrs

What makes a bird a bird? Learn about birds how they find each other as well as how to find and ID birds in this hands on activity-filled hike!

Flower in the woods. AMAZING ADAPTATIONS: 1st through 5th Grade, 1-1.5 hrs

Through hands-on activities, participants will learn about the different strategies wildlife use in order to survive in their habitat.

Child holding a transmitter above her head.TRACKING WITH TRANSMITTERS: Middle through High School, 2 hrs

Biologists have many ways they go about studying wildlife. One way is with the use of transmitters and receivers. Participants will track down various animal species with the use of radio telemetry equipment. They will learn about the animals, how researchers document the information and why we need to investigate them.

Mayfly nymph.STREAM OR POND STUDY: 1st Grade and up, 1-1.5 hrs

Macroinvertebrates (animals you can see but do not have a backbone) that live in our waters can tell us about the quality of our water. Let’s see what we can find!

Milkweed seeds.SEARCHING FOR SEEDS: 1st through 5th Grade, 1-1.5 hrs

Did you know, fall is the season of seeds? Join us on a search for seeds and how they travel to get to new places!

SEARCHING FOR SALAMANDERS: 1st Grade and up, 1-1.5 hrs

*Best done in Spring or Fall
Have you ever seen a red-spotted newt cross your path on a hike? Or rolled over a log to see who lives underneath? Join us on our search to see how many different types of salamanders we can find!

Gardner snake.HERPETOLOGY (Study of Reptiles and Amphibians): 5th Grade and up, 1.5-2 hrs

Learn about the difference between reptiles and amphibians. These misunderstood creatures play a valuable role in our ecosystems.

Children cooking smores on a campfire.FIRE BUILDING WITH SMORES 5th Grade and up, 1-1.5 hrs

This activity goes through the 3 main needs for starting a fire: fuel, combustion and oxygen. Then participants will experiment with different fuel and combustion sources to see what works best.

Boot next to a bear footprint.MAGNIFICENT MAMMALS: 1st Grade through 5th, 1-1.5 hrs

Find out what makes a mammal a mammal, the different kinds of mammals in our area and hike to see signs of them!


All ages, time varies

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