The Board of County Commissioners

Warren County is governed by a three-member Board of County Commissioners who are elected at large to serve three-year terms. Having both legislative and administrative responsibility, the Commissioners’ Board is responsible to adopt the county’s budget and oversee the expenditures which have been appropriated. The Board’s responsibilities therefore include allocating funding to the Warren County Board of Recreation Commissioners and the Warren County Department of Land Preservation for the acquisition, maintenance, and improvement of county parkland and historic sites. With the Board’s continued support, Warren County has preserved nearly 2,000 acres of beautiful parkland and several treasured historic sites which residents and visitors alike are invited to enjoy.

Board of County Commissioners:

  • James R. Kern, III (Director)
  • Jason J. Sarnoski (Deputy Director)
  • Lori Ciesla (Commissioner)

The Board of Recreation Commissioners

Created by the Warren County Board of Chosen Freeholders (currently, the Board of County Commissioners) in 1986, the Warren County Board of Recreation Commissioners are responsible for implementing the Warren County Open Space Plan. The Board of Recreation consists of seven regular commissioners and two alternate commissioners who are appointed by the Commissioners’ Board to five-year terms. With the assistance of the Department of Land Preservation, the Board of Recreation is tasked with selecting, acquiring, maintaining, and improving county parkland and historic sites in accordance with the county’s Open Space Plan. Over the years, the all-volunteer Board of Recreation has been instrumental in helping to establish the historic Morris Canal Greenway, as well as other notable sites like the Marble Hill, Oxford Mountain, and White Lake Natural Resource Areas and is grateful for the Board of Chosen Freeholders’ continued support.

To the Board of Recreation regularly meets in the Pollution Control Financing Authority (PCFA) building, 500 Mount Pisgah Avenue, Oxford, New Jersey. For more information about their meeting dates, agendas, and minutes, please click here.



  • David Detrick
  • Charles Fineran
  • John M. Halmi, Jr.
  • William Hann, Jr.
  • Michael Helbing
  • Raymond Tobaygo


  • Alternate #1 – Vacant
  • Alternate #2 – Vacant

County Commissioner Liaison:

  • Lori Ciesla


  • Corey Tierney


  • Matthew Duckworth

The Department of Land Preservation


The Warren County Department of Land Preservation was created by the Warren County Board of Chosen Freeholders (currently, the Board of County Commissioners) in 2002 to help oversee the county’s open space, historic, and farmland preservation efforts. Among other responsibilities, the Department manages the selection, outreach, negotiation, and due diligence of county parkland acquisitions. In addition, the Department coordinates the various contractors, vendors, and volunteers who maintain and improve the nearly 2,000 acres of county parkland and various historic sites. For more information about the Department of Land Preservation, please click here.

Department Brochure