The Ramsaysburg Homestead to Host Warren Preservation Day This Year!

The historic Ramsaysburg Homestead in Knowlton Township is planning to host Warren Preservation Day on Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Organizers of this annual spring event recently met on site to begin coordinating various activities, including tours of the late 18th Century Georgian style house, nature walks, wildlife presentations, food trucks, local music, and much more.

“The Ramsaysburg volunteers, the Township of Knowlton, and its Historic Commission have graciously agreed to host our event this year and we’re really excited to showcase this wonderful site along the Delaware River,” said Corey Tierney, Director of Preservation for Warren County. “Not only are the historic buildings and grounds beautiful, but they’re rich in history and this site has really grown into a vibrant community center.”

The structures being preserved there today are the remains of a fifty-acre tract settled in 1795 by Irish immigrants, James and Adam Ramsay, in what was then New Jersey’s north-western frontier. Catering to river traffic and commerce along the Delaware, it was a prime location along a main road that eventually grew into a productive hamlet, complete with a tavern, store, post office, sawmill, lumberyard, blacksmith, and church.  The buildings which can be visited today include a dwelling, barn, cottage, smokehouse, and shed which were built from c. 1796 to 1870 during the homestead’s heyday.

“This site had long been neglected, vandalized, and forgotten. But some 15 years ago, members of the Knowlton Township Historic Commissions had the foresight to save this place. It hasn’t been easy over the years, but they’re doing a terrific job,” Tierney remarked.

Today, Ramsaysburg holds several popular events throughout the year, including numerous concerts, a Memorial Day Picnic, Riverside Fall Festival, and Christmas in the Country. It also continues to enjoy support from the community with a growing number of volunteers and has received competitive grants from the State of New Jersey and County of Warren.

“We are very grateful for the community’s support in helping us restore this important historical site,” said Hal Bromm, Chairman of the Knowlton Township Historic Commission. “We hope this event will highlight the importance of preservation projects like ours and invite people to come visit the beautiful countryside.”

“Ramsaysburg is one of Warren County’s hidden treasures,” Tierney agreed. “Preservation Day is not only about recognizing the hard work of our neighbors and community leaders in preserving these sites, but it’s also about sharing and promoting all these exceptional places. We’ve been working with National Geographic lately to showcase all of the natural, cultural, and historic resources along the Delaware River. Remarkably, just as it had been two hundred years ago, today Ramsaysburg continues to be the perfect gateway into this beautiful region.”

The cottage at the Ramsaysburg Homestead in Delaware, Knowlton Township. The event is sponsored by the County of Warren, the Township of Knowlton, the New Jersey State Division of Fish and Wildlife, the New Jersey Youth Corps, and many more. Those who are interested in attending are invited to save the date: Saturday, May 21, 2016. General admission to the event is free and open to the public, but donations are welcomed in order to help maintain the homestead. If you are interested in volunteering, The trail to the Delaware River at the Homestead.  participating in the event, or would simply like more information, please contact the County of Warren, Department of Land Preservation at (908) 453-2650.